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Turbo ITSM for Government Contractors  

  An Exclusive Message for BLM ITSS Bidders  

How to Win Through Innovation and Responsiveness

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The ITSS Win

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Bid Details and Deadlines
Please Note Extended Deadlines Due to Demand
ROI-Within the first 6 months-  Only Available to 5 Companies
Questions and Requests for Additional Information:
- E-Mail Questions to:
- Deadline- Midnight 11/07/2014
- Responses- E.o.B. 11/10/2014
- Urgent Questions- Call Darcelle Mattson: (303) 697-7070 (Leadership Teams and Decision-Makers/Influencers Only)
Registration Details and Deadline:
Click Here To Register. Bid Details will Be Immediatly After Registration.
Deadline: Midnight 11/07/2014
Bid Submittal Details and Deadlines
E-Mail Bids to:
Deadline: Midnight 11/07/2014. 
E-mailed To Responsible Parties on 11/10/2014.
Return Deadline: 11/14/2014.

Deadline: 11/14/2014.

Win Strategies will be Provided Immediately after Contracts are Signed and Payments are Received.