Balancing People with Process

Expert Solutions

Through its sister companies, TellTek has been providing IT services to industry for over 20 years.  TellTek experts have over 25 years of individualized experience in their core areas of expertise, with junior level team members having a minimum of 5 years experience.   Core areas of expertise include:

IT Service Management (ITSM) Process and Systems Development Using ITIL Standards and Methodologies,

Developers of the Turbo ITSMTM  Family of Solutions

Enhanced User Experience Solutions Development and Execution

Large Migration Project Development and Deployment

The Tellaerian Industries/TellTek Executive Team

S. Darcelle Mattson, Tellaerian Industries CEO/Chief Innovation Strategist for the TellTek Brand

Ms. Mattson is a highly experienced hands-on CEO with over 30 years experience in the technology industry.  She is a Visionary, Innovator and Change Leader who can quickly identify opportunities and configure solutions that create performance driven win-win outcomes.  Ms. Mattson launched her career in the Silicon Valley where she was the first to develop and implement environmental compliance solutions in the semiconductor and computer chip industries.  Currently Ms. Mattson is responsible for overseeing and driving all innovation and change initiatives for TellTek, building the TellTek family of services, products and brands and ensuring that TellTek carries forward a legacy of innovation and high performance solutions that transform business and balance people with process.



Craig M. Reisinger, Tellaerian Industries Founder/Director, IT Service Management for the TellTek Brand

Mr. Reisinger has over 38 years experience as a Legacy Migration and IT Service Management (ITSM) expert using ITIL standards and processes.  He began his career as a Mainframe expert for major corporations in the San Francisco Bay Area.  His expertise includes participation in the merger of several financial corporations on 3 continents, web-enabling military systems to facilitate secure, immediate, global dissemination of information,  implementing Change Leadership and ITIL solutions design and application for major corporations and government agencies.  Mr. Reisinger is a graduate of Cornell University's Change Leadership Certification program and developer of the TellTek Turbo ITSMTM family of solutions.